Meeting Materials for May 22, 2014

The following materials will be used in discussions at the Covered California Board meeting on May 22, 2014. Please note that not all agenda items have written materials.

III. Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2014 Meeting Minutes

IV. Executive Director's Report

Presentation - Executive Director's Report

Legislative Tracking Chart

V. Covered California Policy and Action Items

Presentation - Covered California Policy and Action Items

Initial Open Enrollment Evaluation Findings and Proposed 2015 Program Changes

NORC Consumer Tracking Report

CalSIM 1.9 Background Report

Covered California Budget

Enrollment Forecast Brief

Resolution 2014-37 - Proposed 2015 Revenue Assessment

Covered California Regulations

2014 Standard Benefit Plan Design (Readopt)

2014 Standard Benefit Plan Designs

Resolution 2014-38

Certified Plan-Based Enrollment Program Regulations (Readopt)

Resolution 2014-39

SHOP Eligibility and Enrollment Process Regulations (Readopt)

Resolution 2014-40

Certified Insurance Agents Regulations (Readopt)

Resolution 2014-41

Eligibility and Enrollment Regulations - Redline

Comments to the Board

Comments to the Board (with Table of Contents and Links)

Reports and Research

Reports and Research (with Table of Contents and Links)

Press and Media

Press and Media Clips - May 22, 2014