Meeting Materials for May 16, 2019

The following materials will be used in discussions at the Covered California Board meeting on May 16, 2019. Please note that not all agenda items have written materials.

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III. Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes - Reposted/Revised 5/16/19


IV. Executive Director's Report

Presentation - Executive Director's Report


V. Covered California Policy and Action Items

Presentation - Covered California Policy Items


2020 Dental Standard Benefit Plan Designs

2020 Final Dental Copay Schedule

Revised 2020 Patient-Centered Benefit Plan Designs - Side-by-Side View

Revised 2020 Standard Benefit Plan Designs

2020 State Premium Assistance - Draft Program Design Document

Draft Covered California Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2019-20


Covered California for Small Business Changes to Eligibility and Enrollment Regulations


2020 Patient Centered Benefit Designs (Discussed Feb 2019 & Mar 2019)


Comments to the Board

Comments to the Board - none


Reports and Research

Reports and Research (with Table of Contents and Links)


Press and Media

Press and Media Clips (with Table of Contents and Links)